Sooo… You know this one Rattata-heavy Nuzlocke comic that apparently some people enjoy? Well, I checked it out recently and wow, it’s actually really fun. How come none of you told me? Man, I hope the next update drops soon.

Alright, lemme level with you for a second. Where have I been and what’s been going on since the last YN update over 15 months ago?

The good news is I’m not dead. Haven’t even caught covid all this time, though I might try to soon, what with the Omicron variant being essentially a vaccine, except more like the old-fashioned ones that actually provided immunity, and with less symptoms after taking it.

There have been much some less fortunate developments during my absence, sure, but screw’em – let’s talk about Yonkoma Nuzlocke.

When is the next update going to drop?

Click on that cookie picture, because I have just dropped the greatest update. But that aside, yes, I am back to working on the comic and yes, page #439 is on its way. Because my life is still rather tough to predict, an estimate is difficult for me to provide, but the plan is to drop the update on January 27th, right before Pokémon Legends: Arceus – ensuring me some time to work on the rest of the three-parter before you even notice that it started. Just kidding, I’m gonna be playing too.
27 II 2022 EDIT: So… Yeah, life got in the way, who would’ve seen it coming. Not gonna lie, work is currently really hectic for multiple reasons and I really underestimated said hecticity when making my update estimate. I almost don’t want to give you another ETA until I can be more certain, but I’d feel bad leaving you with another “eventually”, considering how long these have sometimes taken in the past. For now I’m gonna say: February 24th. Sorry about that; fortunately, the work being crazy is the result of specific circumstances and should be winding down relatively soon.

What is the update schedule gonna be from now on?

A very good question. I would love to go back to the “four strips every Thursday” system, but at the moment I can’t say if I’ll manage to do so. Until I can get a good estimate on what’s possible and what isn’t, updates are going to be rather irregular, but with every update, I will also be giving the date of the next one. I do hope to find myself a regular schedule though; I tend to do better under reasonable deadlines than under none.

Are you still single?

Nope :3

So about that Elemental Theory page and the Cast page…?

Yeah, those are pretty overdue, huh. I’ve had some special plans for both of those, but they require quite a bit of additional work. I’m going to focus on finishing the upcoming three-parter and perhaps the rest of Chapter XIII before I get down to it, but just know that I do remember about those. I’m definitely glad the Elemental Theory seems to be quite a hit with many of you.

Welcome back.