A wild YN update appears!

Only two strips, but they’re the final two strips before a series of takoma pages; I’m not going to wait until I’m done with #439 before giving you these. You’ve waited enough, I’m sure you’re all agree.

Donphan in the room: Yonkoma Nuzlocke’s updates are back to being insufferably infrequent and random. I’m afraid this might continue to be the case for a while, as there’s just more and more on my life plate now and it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna die down anytime soon. I don’t intend to drop the comic, but it might take me some time to figure out how much of it I can do and how often. Unfortunately, there’s just no way it can be near the top of my priority list like it used to be back when it started.

In other words: thank you for reading as always. Keep checking in, but don’t hold your breath for now. I’ll do my best to deliver the upcoming takoma pages as soon as possible. I have quite a lot of surprises for you in those.