So the moment I get back to working on this page, my PC breaks down and the moment I get it fixed, I finally get a mild case of the covids. But here it is at last, the first page of the Saffron City three-parter.

So what, you might ask, are we gonna have to wait another year or two for the next page? Luckily, the answer is no. I have decided that the new schedule is going to be supremely simple – from now on, Yonkoma Nuzlocke will feature monthly updates. To be specific, new pages will come on the fourth day of every month, with additional updates on November 19th (anniversary update) and December 24th (Christmas special). Also, the January update will instead take place on December 31st. Some of you might remember the old tradition of YN having one final update on the final day of the year.

As far as the actual size of the updates is concerned… That’s going to vary. I’m basically going to upload whatever I have at the moment, whether it’s a lot or just a little. I do hope to make four strips the absolute minimum though.

Thanks for being patient with me. Hope you enjoy what’s coming. This chapter is actually gonna feature a lot of fun surprises, which makes it all the more of a shame how abysmal the speed of it has been.