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As mentioned in the 3D special a long time ago, Vang’s Hidden Power type turned out to be Electric. And now Daisy, the most obvious Fighting type, turns out to also be this type instead. Electric is new Fighting, that’s official. Why though…?

And indeed, the element of Balance. Electric-type Pokémon carry in their bodies a dangerous power which, when used incorrectly, could do permanent and irreversible damage and even cripple or kill its users. Electric types have a lot of self-control and that sense of balance between positive and negative makes them desire similar balance on the outside. They easily notice when something’s off and almost instinctively know how to fix it. Their motives are almost always somehow related to keeping balance between one thing and another. This makes them very motivated at fighting “losing battles”, but they lose their “spark” when the need to topple the status quo arises.

Daisy has always been an incredible supporter. She took care of Gary when their parents died, she controlled the insane little Doug, she gave Doug the advice he needed in Viridian Forest (page #080), she gradually fixed Erika’s obsession by becoming her friend and most recently even Sabrina asked her of all people for help. She might seem completely over-the-top, but she is in fact perfectly “balanced” inside.

And yes, Lt. Surge’s trial of the wall, if you recall, was designed to force Doug and his Pokémon to be more aggressive in their approach to things, because Surge immediately realized they were starting to go too far in the opposite direction after what happened at Misty’s Gym. And then he immediately expressed some concern over Misty’s own “balance”, remember? This guy’s more in touch with your feelings than you are.

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