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That’s the most appropriate reaction to a roaming Zapdos appearing in front of you, you can’t argue with that.

Here’s a fun little headcanon. Lt. Surge used to be just a random electrician in Nimbasa City, Unova, fixing things and doing boring maintenance checks. I like to imagine he was known as a sort of daredevil among his colleagues, being the only one who had no problems working during thunderstorms. Even if you had Pokémon with the Lightning Rod Ability, why would you risk your life and health on slippery rooftops in the cold of the rain? Because you’re a badass, that’s why, and Surge was the only one who got that.

If your guess is “The Elder” is another name for a legendary Pokémon (like The Original or The Second Wing), you’d be right. Here’s the role Arceus plays in YN universe – he observes the situation around the world, predicts some developments, decides on what kind of a Knight is needed to deal with the biggest problems and delegates an appropriate legend to seek a candidate. This legend then becomes a special “partner” kinda mon for the Knight (like Zapdos to Surge) and they always share at least one type, according to what Arceus deemed best.

And yes, there’s never been a Poison type Knight. And yes, there’s a reason for that in the elemental theory, but we’ll get to that another time.

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