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Finally, a GO joke. Took me long enough.

Yay, more Elemental Theory stuff!

The Ice type is the element of Indifference. These Pokémon (and people) tend to be cold and distant, rarely getting involved in situations and conflicts, preferring to be observers or commentators if anything. It’s not like they don’t care at all, they just pursue a role outside the main issue. This can make them uncaring and distant, but also leads to them being the most objective and logical in many situations, as well as unbiased.

They are the direct opposites of Fire in the elemental theory. Fire types are as involved as it gets and rarely stop to observe and consider all sides of an argument, when their passion is involved. They have the drive the Ice types lack, but have big trouble looking at the whole picture objectively.

Meanwhile, Flying is the element of Freedom, known also as the American Fetish. Flying types are free spirits who dislike confinement and often enjoy travels as well. They tend to be curious and interested in anything new, but that also means they lose interest quickly and often struggle to make strong connections to people, other Pokémon or places. Flying types care more about experiences than objects or strength. They don’t dwell on what was, instead finding something fresh to care about. Because of that, however, they’re rather quick to give up in the face of adversity and can care little about even important things.

They are the direct opposites of Ground in the elemental theory. Ground types pragmatically aim to create a solid status quo and usually get attached to places without much need for adventures or innovation. They are also pretty constant in their interests, ideals or goals.

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