This blog will be used to keep you up to date. Another benefit from transferring to a dedicated page – previously, I wouldn’t want to disrupt the story progression and only did update posts for real big matters. Considering I was already planning to change my update schedule significantly, I’m probably going to make a post with every update from now on, so that the home page always lets you know when new pages drop.

I’m continuing working this place out. Right now, uploading the previous chapters takes all my time and attention. As I’m writing this, Chapter I and II are fully up. I hope to be done within the month, but unfortunately there’s… a lot of pages. When did I draw all this, my Lord. And it’s one crazy nostalgia trip too.

There’s one change I have decided on that you should know. The pages known previously as [Bigs] are going to be renamed to fit with the theme of yonkoma (four panels) and sankoma (three panels). They are now takoma (multi-panel) pages. I mean, even the Q&A strips I pseudo-Japanese’d into kyuuenei, so the [Bigs] were always the outliers.

After I reupload the entirety of Yonkoma Nuzlocke here, a new Cast page is next, and then the Elemental Theory page. So yeah, drawing new pages is gonna be delayed, though when I get completely sick of copy-pasting, I might draw just for the change of pace. I think all this is going to be worth it though – we’re already looking better than the new SmackJeeves.

I encourage you to take this opportunity to re-read the retro pages and maybe post a comment or two. I’m starting to think recovering the old comments is gonna be too much and I’d hate to have over 400 pages with zero reader feeback underneath.