Good news, everybody: the entirety of Yonkoma Nuzlocke has now been successfully uploaded onto this site.

The Author Comments are restored, so are the hover-texts – some of those contain little additional “future-updates” from the me who was reuploading them years after – though for the most part I tried to keep them entirely as they where. There was one hover-text in particular that made me almost spit my drink when I found it – you’re all welcome to reread the comic and discover why.

The upload dates also remain as they were, though I didn’t pay attention to the hours, so for some of you they could have shifted a day in either direction, depending on the time zone. Not that it matters much.

The menu above now shows the Comic List, where you can check the archive. It’s different from the dropdown menu we had on SmackJeeves and it’s not quite as elegant as I’d like, but it showcases the covers now. I guess they do contain some spoilers for new readers, but I figure they also promise the improvement in art-style and showcase potentially interesting stuff to interest newcomers. So it’s okay.

The next update I hope to have ready sometime in early Fabruary and I’m going to be working on a new Cast Page. I plan to launch it with only a few characters and gradually add to it in time. This one’s gonna be very different from what it used to be, as I have a surprise planned… But for now, it’s all shush-hush.

See you in the comments.