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I am not a superstitious* man, but boy was Chapter XIII cursed. And today, it finally ends, about four and a half years since its beginning. Yes, it’s the longest Chapter thus far, but not by that much!

Page #450 is here, a takoma that ends the… first part of the Silph Co. arc. Yeah, it’s not over yet, but have you played any of the countless Kanto games? Silph Co. is indeed the obnoxiously long part, I gotta do it justice ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Enjoy the shocking reveal – and the Scarlet/Violet DLC Epilogue Event, because Game Freak will do anything to distract you on my update days – and I will see you again, as previously stated, February 29th. Taking a bit of a break to draw ahead. When I return, we’re starting Chapter XIV with a big surprise, so make sure to be here.

Speaking of, the page now has the subscription option. Leave a comment, be it here or (preferably) under the actual comic, and the option will show up as you type. Might be handy if you’d rather not check manually.

*My brain spent over an hour trying to prevent me from remembering the word “superstitious”, instead offering me “superfluous” and “suspicious”. Could’ve looked it up, yes, but that would’ve been my loss. I remembered myself, f*ck you, brain.