I find it very surprising that Nuzlocke stories based on the Kanto games so rarely take the humongous opportunity of introducing the Champion. It ain’t Alola, the rival isn’t the first one ever, and neither is Lance, being part of the Elite Four. That’s a glaring INSERT-COOL-CHARACTER-HERE hole that somehow nobody seems to care about. Very strange.

Here’s the tasty tasty reveal you didn’t know you were waiting for. The current Champion is our resident crazy scientist Bill – though he’s not much of a trainer, strangely enough. He’s the holder of the title, yes, but the fighting is done entirely by his team, with little to no influence from him. But of course Pokémon are data creatures, after all, so… Yeah, Bill straight-up PKHex’d them to be more powerful. But that obviously wouldn’t have been enough, they’re very skilled fighters through their own merits. Most of them. Some are more helpful in non-battling affairs, like Mr. Zaiji or Diantha.

Seriously though. Bill invented the Pokémon Storage System. You know, that technology that could allow someone to literally steal every Pokémon in the region slash world with a few clicks if they just overpowered this one lanky nerd? No duh he needed a spectacularly powerful Pokémon for protection. As for the team itself, I gave myself card blanché, except I tried to squeeze every generation and every type. Didn’t quite work, but maybe Bill has a Throh or a Mienshao somewhere off-screen, don’t worry about it. And yes, the Oricorio is yet another well-deserved nod to my MVP from a Violet egglocke, aready mentioned in the commentary under the recent Christmas special.

In all honesty, if you knew how much I like Roserade, you would’ve figured out Bill’s the Champion the second I gave him one. And while this wasn’t a “clue” or anything, Brock mentions on page #199 that the one who gave the Leaders their S.S. Anne tickets was the Champion… And of course the one who gives the player the ticket in the game is none other than Bill. Just another me being a sneaky bastard moment.

But enough about the big reveal. The crux of the update is really Mayumisty’s plan working out. Apparently her goal is to have a direct confrontation with Giovanni himself – and unlike with Albert and Cathy, this will be on her terms. With her having the Champion and the control over the Silph Co. security systems behind her and Giovanni having the majority of the Rocket forces present on site… This could be interesting.

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