I hate drawing humans, so imagine my surprise when they dropped five new Pokémon and the one I wanted to draw was Nemona instead. Not gonna lie, one of the finest human character designs in the franchise. Definitely didn’t expect that for a rival. Can’t wait to see how the whatchamajig on her glove relates to the unnecessary battle gimmick of this gen.

And while Lechonk has already become a fan-favourite – and I myself appreciate the apparent departure from rodentfolk for the first route Normal types (says the resident Rattataman) – I think there’s also a lot of potential in Pawmi. It looks like a Pikaclone that might actually evolve and maybe even be merged with the “early Electric type” archetype (Mareep, Shinx, Blitzle etc)? Smoliv looks the most like a Pokémon-knockoff creature, but it’s probably just the silly simplistic face. Grass/Normal is already more unique than another pure Grass and while it looks concerningly Sunkern-ish, I hope it doesn’t get Sunflorafied. Better yet, just give us the Grass/Fire Sunflaroma already, Game Freak!

Oh, and the legendaries are surprisingly awesome too. Would be cool if they weren’t actually Dragon types, but alas, that seems unlikely.

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