Me: Alright, the sYNc series. Just copy-pasting elements from older strips and putting text over it. These will save me plenty of time, since I won’t have to draw anything.
My Brain: Hey, dude.
Me: What’s up?
My Brain: Looker and Emma tho.
My Brain: Yup.
Me: Ah, dang it…

Why must I have ideas, seriously.

Anyway, here it is, the first episode of the “stuff You Never caught” miniseries. The best characters of Pokémon X&Y are here to find all my little easter eggs for you. This series will be quite sporadic with updates, but hopefully will provide some entertaining trivia. Trust me, I have plenty of material. And before you ask – yes, the first sYNc was supposed to be about the hidden spoiler in Erika’s Gym, but I kinda couldn’t wait. It made for a good “reboot” joke, though you can think of it as sYNc #00.

So yeah, somehow none of you seem to have guessed that Darwin Shoefog, the weirdest name possible, was hiding a secret. Anagrams, the oldest trick in the book. The dates were hiding the information about which page the flower thing would pay off on and the mother and daughter holding hands the whole time was intentional as well. That family has foreshadowing in their blood!

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