Have you noticed?


Guys, I don’t want to alarm you, but I think we’ve just hit 400 pages. I swear, I have no idea how this comic just keeps going, but I’m pretty sure it has much to do with your support. Thank you for reading and commenting and (hopefully) enjoying. Let’s enjoy this crazy ride for yet another hundred pages! #500 is gonna be crazy!

The rest of this author’s comment is only for weirdoes like me. It contains a lot of random and copious amounts of unnecessary. Reader’s discretion is advised.

It took exactly one year to reach #100, then barely under two years to reach #200, about walf (reminder: new useful word for “one and a half”) a year to reach #300 and now over two years later we’re at #400. Aside from that first hundo, we’re averaging two years. And Doug has four badges on page #400, so I guess we’ll be done with those around page #800? Maybe? That would suggest we’ll get the last badge sometime before the year 2027, making me at least 35 by the time the comic ends.

…why do I do that to myself.

Well, to be fair, this last part had an over-a-year hiatus in the middle of it, so discounting that, it’s actually been the fastest, rather than the slowest, progression from one “hundred” to the next. So it’s been consistently getting faster after #200. That’s a much nicer way to think about it.

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