Well, now I’m just spoiling you with all this Elemental Exposition.

Here’s my take on Poison, the Element of Death. Unlike most others, it doesn’t describe how one acts or what one seeks, but rather one’s perspective (more info on the Elemental Theory’s page). Poison types draw from and care about the past – and there is no better example for me to illustrate this point than the Doushi clan itself. A generations-long family with rich history, carefully maintained traditions, their sense of identity tied closely to their genealogy and customs… You might think those Viridian Rattata should be Poison types – but that’s more of a learned survival technique. There’s a reason why so many of my Rattata characters denied it while seeking power, prestige, love etc. But Kuroba Gorou’s Hidden Power was definitely Poison type.

This is also why Poison type legendaries, while not ruled out completely, are still not a thing. They are, in a sense, incompatible with the element due to being one-of-a-kind. They mostly don’t breed, so no families here, and they mostly live (and sometimes sleep) for hundreds or thousands of years, so their perception of time is vastly different.

There’s also the matter of a potential Poison type Knight. It’s not just the lack of legendaries – Poison types are the ones whose identities are molded most prominently by others, they can’t help but learn from those who came before. But the Knights are chosen for their own skills and personalities. Learning from the previous Knights would defeat the purpose of the role having been passed on to someone else.

Both of these are not impossible, mind you – they are just naturally unlikely.

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