The impossible explained, Koga outsmarted, Soul Badge obtained (it took almost four years!), Anzu enamored and the readers (hopefully) surprised. That’s what I call great success.

“We have already won”, remember? That was not an expression of confidence – that was a statement of fact. Koga was already disqualified at that point. He straight-up cheated. This possibility was hinted at when he hand-waved the issue of 1-on-1 battles not being League-legal. Rules are not that big of a deal for this guy, apparently.

I do like that Koga knows his reputation precedes him – and uses it. He’s such a poison master that he can poison the opponent even without poisoning them! But I like Doug’s own improvised trick even more. Turning the foe’s trump card (the smokescreen) into your own is such a classy trope and he barely had to do anything really. It was enough to just give the two commands at the same time and bam, suddenly Koga ruined himself.

But we’re not even half done with this chapter’s “impossibles”. See you April 11th with another shocker.

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