In conclusion: I’m indeed a filthy liar. Reboot? Ha! I’m no Hollywood and I respect both myself and you, the readers, too much to tamper with the classic instead of creating new content! Yes, I have plenty of gripes with YN, some parts of it cause way more cringe than I’d like, but equally as many parts still make me laugh. It’s all part of my history and the overall growth visible throughout, ups and downs both, I will always look at fondly.
Also, I want to eventually finish this thing, believe it or not. Look forward to the Champion battle featuring that one Fairy/Cement Pokémon, you know, the one from Gen XIV.

Anyway, why did I lie to you? Well, for many purposes. For one, I thought drawing several “alternate” strips from the past would be a nice way to remind you of some of the characters and plot points – and again, I had some of these jokes haunting me for a while anyway, especially the Stakataka one. This was a nice way to kill two birds with one stone. But I was also genuinely curious what your reactions to a “reboot” news dropping would be. Surely, many of you would get disappointed and pissed to see such a long-running comic scrapped and restarted, right? Well, apparently you didn’t, which was a shocker. You either have too much trust in me or you secretly rejoiced that the trash was going in the trash 😉 Too bad; starting next week we’re continuing where we left off!

But first, there’s one more little thing…

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