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Thanks, Bianca, for the foreshadowing all these chapters ago. Indeed, Musharna can do that, don’t they. Show people illusions of their dreams – or nightmares? Giovanni may have killed Calluna, but he didn’t rid himself of her. Is it wounded pride? Is it conscience? Who knows. Whatever it is, it was a perfect distraction and would’ve been his end if it wasn’t for the meddling Archer and his pesky… archer.

Coming soon to the YN Channel, a new sitcom “The Runners: My Dad Married a Terrorist!”. It’s wacky fun for all the family.

Seriously though, I love the idea of marriage being motivated by something different than just feelings. Society and media has put in all of our minds the idea that “being in love” is the only viable reason for marriage – but I think a decision to protect, help and support another person for one’s entire life even without romantic feelings for them is very much admirable. Of course it’s give-and-take like with every (non-abusive) relationship, but still.

In case it isn’t obvious enough, Pokémon attacks are less effective on humans than it would appear at first glance. There’s a reason Rockets resolved to daggers and actual bombs, instead of Honedge or Electrode. For example, being struck by Thunder the move is painful, sure, but less lethal than being struck by thunder the actual thunder. Of course it’s still perfectly possible to kill somebody with a Pokémon’s attack (see: Ivan, Blaine’s assistant), but just one arrow from a Decidueye should be manageable, don’t you worry.

R.I.P. Zeus, everyone’s favourite little taser.

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