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Giovanni may have killed Calluna (or did he?), but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have him on the ropes. And yes, what you see there is a Flygon beating a Garchomp. You’re welcome.

I know you’ve been dying to find out more about the Runners’ family situation ever since I revealed Doug and Cathy aren’t blood-related, instead being step-siblings, so rejoice, here’s your first piece of information. An agent of a secret police married a member of a terrorist organization for whatever reason and took her daughter in as his own. Tale as old as time…?

Meanwhile somebody went Alolan on us and evolved from Ground to Ghost? Or did she have a secret Lucky Chant Oddish as well?


Three. Hundred. Pages. I was pretty surprised when I made it to one hundred and couldn’t really believe it when I hit two hundred. This new milestone has me absolutely confuzzled and baffundled, but once again I have all of you to thank for reaching this astonishing number. Your readership, votes, comments – both admiration and critique – is what encourages me and keeps me going when life tries to make me give up. Here’s to another hundred pages – and though I’m saying that now, my jaw is still gonna drop to the floor when we get there…

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