What is SHE doing here?! The multiverse is collapsing!

But in all honesty – and that’s coming from someone who actively hated the Pokémon anime with passion – the Sun&Moon season has redeemed the series so much, it is now a perfectly respectable canon to draw characters from. I love it now!

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FUTURE-EDIT: Reuploading the comic, I now tag every strip with characters and locations. I was just about to invent a name for Delia’s hair salon when I found out I had already done just that and what do you know, it’s Cinder Hair Salon. Not only is it a reference to Ash that I completely forgot I’d planted there, it’s retroactively become the reason YN Delia, I’m announcing it now, owns a Cinderace. You know, the Cinder Hare? It’s canon.