I’m done fooling around, here’s the new Doug. Tell me what you think, if anything. Me, I love it. Doug has been pretty plain until now, but this is the point where he takes the reins and becomes a full-time protagonist and I think this design (finally one I put more thought and planning into) reflects that well. It’s visibly more complex, but at the same time not overcomplicated. And the hair. The damn hair! You know how I was picking up shading and dropping it soon afterwards several times now? Doug’s hair was the main reason for the latter, every time. I’m bad at shading in general, don’t get me wrong, but with that stuff I just couldn’t see it in 3-dimensional space, it made no sense! This hairstyle here, while still similar enough, is much easier for me (even if I am still doing it wrong, which is likely).

Rant over. Your turn.

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