Chapter VI begins!

The cover can be viewed in 3D, actually. See below how you can do so and enjoy the weird.

Before Mayumi agrees to protect Doug during his journey, she needs to judge his abilities as a trainer. The Gym Leader of Cerulean City herself will help perform the test and although Vang is all ready for a sweep, what awaits our heroes is a double battle. Who else is going to fight and is Vang capable of team play at all?

(No, I’m not reverting to the game backgrounds, it’s just for the cover, because why not)

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In order to see the cover in 3D click this link. You will see what looks like just two copies of the cover, but don’t be fooled – slight differences between the two pictures make it into a stereogram. To experience the 3D effect, simply relax your eyes, as if you tried to look beyond the picture. The image will become blurry and will “split in two”, with both parts of the double-image starting to meet in the middle. Amplify this effect by focusing on one particular element – I recommend the chapter’s title – and purposefully making it “meet” from both sides. If you manage to do it, you will see in front of you not two but three covers – and the middle one will appear to have depth.