That’s right, folks, this is what we’ve all been waiting for ― the BILL CHAPTER. Okay, you probably weren’t waiting for it, but I sure was. Bill is one of my favourite Pokécharacters of all time (just like, what, half of all the existing ones?) and I’ve been looking forward to his encounter with Doug and Co. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

You might notice this cover is… sloppy. The lineart looks like it’s a sketch and coloring kinda sucks. This is intentional, believe me. Mostly because it goes well with Bill’s personality (you’ll see) but also… Well, it’s like the first time I’ve drawn an actual background (*gasp*) and with that style it’s less apparent I suck at those.

Narrowly escaping death in the caves of Mt. Moon, Doug and company arrive safely in Cerulean City, where new encounters await. Zaiji’s owner proves the most unique, but the “Pokémaniac” is not only a weirdo ― he also happens to be a genius. And it turns out he might know a lot more about our heroes than even they themselves do…

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