Note: I apologize for a half-sized update. Brought to you by hardware issues. I’ll try to do a bigger update sometime in the near future to make up for it.

Oh boy, oh boy, I am excited for this chapter for so many reasons. You’ll see. It is also going to be, incidentally, the longest chapter yet, besting the current champion, Chapter X, in terms of pages – even if, thanks to my new schedule, we should take about half the time to get through it.

And yes, you are seeing right – yet another costume for Doug. I don’t know, okay? I redesigned him twice, yes, but after I’ve figured him out for good, the story itself was like “nah-ah, buster brown, you ain’t done!” and it keeps forcing me to put him in new outfits! And I forgot about that, but we’ve briefly seen him in a swimsuit as well, that’s yet another version!


Team Rocket strikes at the very heart of Kanto, with their target being the technological behemoth – the Silph Corporation. Infiltrating the epicenter are Doug and Anzu, but will they be able to free Misty from Rocket captivity without getting caught? Sabrina also will not allow the Rockets to do as they please in her city, being joined by Surge and his new powerful ally… Saffron becomes a place full of struggles, schemes and surprises, and everyone caught in the middle, willingly or not, shall play their role. Discover the truth about the S.S. Anne bombing, experience betrayal on both sides of the conflict and taste both victory and defeat… in Chapter XIII.

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