An idea popped into my head one evening and I immediately knew I wouldn’t be able to escape drawing this dumb little scenario. And it’s so romantic, right? Perfect for Valentine’s Day, right?

You might recall this is not what Bill’s machine was intended to do – all he wanted was to make his body capable of being converted into data and back, like Pokémon bodies do. Rant incoming, but how come people never acknowledge this? Haha, you mash a CD into its head and it learns a move – no duh, you add new data to a data-creature, now it knows a new thing, what’s so silly about that? I guess the anime is partially at fault here too. Why do you take the Pokémon out of their PokéBalls and take so much time to heal them, just click “scan & fix” and they’re fine in a few seconds, that’s literally what it’s always been in the games, what’s wrong with you. I get the rule of drama could apply for more severe injuries (in which case the contrast to the usual “click & done” would only add to the tension, just saying), but it happens with every little thing! No wonder people find it unrealistic for Pokémon Centers to be free if they function just like actual human hospitals.


I had several ideas for what Pokémon Bill could use for his experiment this time – obviously my first thought involved Water types, like Primarina or Empoleon – but in the end my favourite won. Ace the Roserade, everyone, Bill’s fourth Pokémon. He’s usually the stoic kind, but does wield sass.

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