We’re in.

This was intended as a very “light” BIG, seeing as the last standalone one was #230, almost two hundred pages ago – though that one was neither light (’cause it was heavy) nor light (’cause it was dark). This is just Doug and Anzu beginning to sneak around by securing a pair of Rocket uniforms. But there’s actually quite a lot I’ve managed to squeeze in here, hopefully without making it too dense.

Harpan. I don’t think I’m spoiling anything by saying he’s gonna be a bit more important than just any random Pokémon. This much I think the page has made clear enough. Trivia for you – he’s based on a Nuzlocke capture, much like some other mons I’ve given to various characters – most notably Zaiji the Graveler and Spott the Flareon, not to mention Sakura the Oddish. Venonat has always been a fuzzy favourite of mine and I look forward to more of his stupid haiku. Hopefully I’ll remember to make strip #575 all about him.

Didn’t find any specific mention anywhere of Skrelp being able to spit ink like Horsea, but it does know Smokescreen from birth. You know, the move which uses, quote: “smoke or ink”, to blind the foe? I assume it must be ink in Skrelp’s case, as that makes way more sense and it doesn’t learn any gas-based moves either.

I do not condone the use of recreational drugs, but I suppose we do have characters inhaling powder on page four-twenty. A coincidence, but here it is.

And yes, to nobody’s surprise Doug is a Normal type. Anzu’s opposite, the element focused on the future, the possibilities. More info on the dedicated Elemental Theory page, as usual. Seeing as Normal is the Pokémon type that features such shifters as Eevee, Ditto, Smeargle, Castform, Kecleon, Sawsbuck, Meloetta (also half the Fairies before Gen VI), just to name a few, it was quite obvious to me that “potential” was the way to go. While not an inherently “incomplete” type, Normal sometimes ends up as a springboard for different elements – so hey, who knows; Doug might find himself shifting by the end of the comic?

Shock and outrage! Lilith, what are you doing?! Ariana is our one semi-ally in the Rockets’ midst, you couldn’t have pointed that thing at literally anyone else?

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