Remember these guys? The Malamar, the Nuzleaf and the Sableye are old faces from Chapter IV and the nostalgia is so real.

Back then, Malamar was a semi-spoiler for Gen VI, as it had just been revealed. This time we’re awaiting Sword & Shield and believe me, I had to fight off the temptation to put a certain new someone together with these here… goons. But while Malamar’s Dark/Psychic typing (especially considering the Bug weakness) and its canon description of being used by bad guys were relevant to the Mt. Moon showdown, in this case I’d have no such justification. So I’m gonna hold on for now. Be ready, however, to see plenty of Gen VIII Pokémon immediately after the games come out. And by “immediately” I mean after I return from my long trip to Galar.

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