Parentless, check. A tiny, female, Psychic Pokémon companion with a design focus on creepy eyes, check. Experimented on by an evil scientist who then turns over a new leaf due to her influence, check. Given a new life meaning by a detective guy, kinda check (if we count SherlOak Holmes). Sometimes the word “coincidence” just sounds like a chuckle from somewhere really high up.

That’s right, folks. When Sabrina fights Mewtwo on the roof of the Pokémon Tower, five of her Pokémon are named: Ableef the Exeggutor (from “absurd” and “leaf”), Leir the Meowstic (from “leer” and “ear”), Ogilvie the Oranguru (just a fun name), Novina the Delphox (from Polish “nowina”, which means “new information” as befitting an oracle) and Eypik the Grumpig (“epic”, “pig” and “pink”). Arrange them in this particular order and bam, you get two little secrets relevant to the situation at hand. Mind you, Sabrina’s issues were only revealed two weeks after that page went up, making this, indeed, a hidden spoiler again or at least a clue.

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