Nice going, you two, I name this “Shipshipping Month” and you immediately decide to actually have your first genuine fight and split up. Let’s hope you can get over it quickly, because this Mewtwo customer doesn’t mess around. Neither does Sabrina, but does she stand a chance with her Pokémon defeated?

If you remember the last time we had a three-parter, you might notice that Sabrina’s team has changed slightly since then. We’ve met Novina the Delphox already, but when she was fighting Erika’s Trevenant army, she was accompanied by a Mr. Mime, not present here. And the reason for it… To be perfectly blunt, I just didn’t think a Mr. Mime would fit this fight. Its claim to fame – that is, walls and barriers – is not something Sabrina could hope to overpower Mewtwo with. A Pokémon with a defensive theme (as inaccurate as it is in the games, because in-game Mr. Mime has the bulk of a wet tissue paper) had to take a back seat in this case. It also gave me the opportunity to draw new mons. That’s the Doylist explanation. The Watsonian one? Sabrina is free to swap her Pokémon around whenever she wants; don’t question her choices or you’re getting the Lava Cookies treatment.

Breaking the monthly theme, we also have a brief moment with Brom and… his mother! What do you know, apparently Blaine’s horrific experiments had their share of survivors (partially thanks to Mr. Fuji) and Seatrice here (“sea-a-trice”, not “sea-trice” and definitely not “seat-rice”) was among them. We’ll come back to these two later in the next chapter, but their sub-plot’s introduction in this three-parter is not thematically unfitting as you will see soon enough.

Next time on Yonkoma Nuzlocke’s Shipshipping Month: Mewtwo… speaks?
Stay tuned for May 16th.

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