Ah yes, the Shoefog family. Very important characters, I assure you. They’re gonna play a big part in the future.

I know you’re desperately trying to somehow figure out whether I’m kidding or not. You can never tell with me. I could outright tell you right now that these are Sabrina’s real parents and you still wouldn’t be able to tell if I was lying. Feel free to hit me with your best hypothesis about these three in the comments. Are they actually N, Zoroark and Zorua disguised with the Illusion Ability? Was Darwin the brother of Giovanni who died trying to warn the League about Team Rocket? Is this little girl actually the current Pokémon League Champion, inexplicably? Or maybe they are actually nothing more than three random NPCs (stands for “non-plot characters”)? Everything is possible when eworm’s the one driving this mess!

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