Face it, if Gen VIII introduced a “scary bee” Pokémon named Abhornet, you wouldn’t find the name weird at all. It’s the kind of pun that’d fit right at home in this series. In fact I want a Bug/Dark mon named Abhornet now, legit. After all, Gen I had Beedrill and Gen IV had Vespiquen, so Gen VIII needs a bee Pokémon to set a new, totally not coincidental “bee-every-four-gens” pattern (Naganadel doesn’t count). Do it, Sword&Shield.

There’s a reason why Anzu reacted the way she did to Doug’s pun, believe me… Don’t ask me to explain it with an Anzu Lenzu panel though. I mean, I totally could, of course, but… Well, I mean, it should be obvious enough, right? No, you’re the one who has no idea!

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