Boom, shakalaka, it’s a comeback-a!

I apologize profusely for the giant hiatus. Many of you probably assumed Yonkoma Nuzlocke was dead and you wouldn’t have been that far off. In the past, whenever life forced me to take a break, I would always say “I have never given up on YN” upon my return. Not this time though – because this time, due to many circumstances I won’t be getting into here, I did indeed gave up on YN for a while. I came to terms with the fact it would finish as yet another incomplete comic on the world wide web, that my readers would forever be left hanging… And I learned something I should have known all along.

I have learned that it wasn’t the feeling of obligation or even my perfectionism that was really driving me to keep drawing. It was the simple fact I love this thing. These characters, this plot, this humor, these crappy drawings even.
I have learned anew that I want to draw more of YN.
So now, after over a year, it’s coming back. And there’s a Donphan in the room to address.

Reboot. This was not an easy decision and I imagine it might be an unpleasant surprise for many of you. Really, do we have to go through the 365-pages worth of stuff again before we get to new developments? But don’t despair. I will do my best to make catching up as quick as possible – and many of the story points will be changed enough to hopefully not feel like rehashing. That’s part of why I deem a full reboot necessary – I need to straighten out the plot and add/change many elements that I have realized in hindsight need to be added/changed. And the first strips are gonna be very telling as to how the reboot is gonna progress, so I urge you to consider at least checking out the February 28th update and then deciding whether you’d stick with me for the rest of the ride.

I am very interested in hearing your perspective on this whole thing, so comment down below and feel free to ask any and all questions about this whole thing.

Yonkoma Nuzlocke returns in a month, folks. Finally!