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No duh strip #174 was actually foreshadowing, what in this comic isn’t?

I probably didn’t make it obvious enough, but that huge wall of ice Lorelei built holds and protects the citizens of Pewter, not just her and Andy (that cop’s name is Andy, by the way). Also, the Rockets are being fought off not just with her Pokémon and the Pokémon of the police officers, but also Misty’s mons. See that Staryu? That’s a Leader-trained Staryu right there. Which is the sole reason Petrel and the rest even had a chance.

That’s Brock’s grandfather in statue form, by the way. He used the most badass Shuckle you’ve never seen and helped build some of the city’s buildings with his bare hands. And he, of course, raised a badass grandson.

So many different Pokémon in this two-parter, golly.

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