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If you’re curious, Mayumi’s ringtone is “Oboetete ii yo” by Kotoko, which for reasons that elude even myself, is my favorite song of all times. And I don’t say that lightly – it’s such a favorite, in fact, that I listen to it very rarely in fear of getting used to it. It talks about how it is valuable to remember the sad, frustrating, painful times even to the point of being overwhelmed – the title is literally “It’s good to remember”. And only after it had already established itself as my favorite, did I find out that the first lyrics are something like:

“For some reason I just can’t make any progress
Even though my schedule was perfect
What was I doing today?
Those kind of uneasy questions
Fill up my room, and I can’t even breathe”

This is truly my spirit song.

Oh yeah and Lilith finally got her cold indifference broken. Yonkoma Nuzlocke, I remember that’s what I’m talking about, yes.

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