Ah, yes. One of comedy’s oldest classics, Bugs Bunny would be proud.
And yes, a Breath of the Wild reference. I’m getting personal here, you have been warned: I’ve recently got my first job, part of the reason why it took me a long time to get back to YN, and let me tell you, earning your first money is indeed a special experience. And considering my limited Zelda history (loved Minish Cap and The Link Between Worlds but get quickly bored and/or annoyed with Ocarina of Time remake whenever I pick it up), it’s rather surprising that my very own paycheck I have decided to use for buying the newest 3D Zelda game. Before I even got the console in fact.

And what exactly made me spend my money in such a surprising way? It wasn’t any review, it wasn’t any trailer and it wasn’t any gameplay channel – it was this here awesomeness. I kid you not, this video made me hyped for the game in a matter of minutes when the entire Internet hyperventilating with hype for months couldn’t grab my interest in the slightest. “Open your eyes” indeed!

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