Yeah, here’s the big problem. Entering another person’s mind (as we’re calling it for simplicity’s sake) is not that easy even with psychic powers. Even putting Gary aside, Sabrina is not exactly a very trusting, sociable, give-em-a-chance person for many reasons. At least she can swallow her pride for a moment to try to help herself… Let’s see where this goes.

If you’re like me, you think romantic series can only be done great when the relationship is not the goal on the road to happiness (because arbitrary decision is made that being a couple equals happiness), but a means towards happiness – happiness understood as bettering oneself. I am not saying Sabrina and Gary is a relationship that’s gonna go the romantic way (though I certainly like to imply that), but this is what I’ve had in mind when thinking up this plot point. If you agree, by the way, I recommend the manga called Iris Zero. It’s not even a romance hundred-percent, it’s a fantasy-premised psychological-drama (but a very positive drama) with bits of mystery and romance, but it has deceptively huge amounts of storytelling intelligence for something with such light art and humor. And it’s main romantic relationship is great, because it makes the characters grow, instead of just being what they’re chasing for no reason. It’s one of my all-time favourites for this and countless other reasons and I highly recommend it.

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