I don’t know about you, but this is one of the emotional highlights of the entire Yonkoma Nuzlocke for me, no exaggeration. I love Erika, I love Daisy and I love the friendship they have, so to see both of them convinced they’ve betrayed or disappointed the other beyond forgiveness was pretty painful. Fortunately, their bond is way too strong to be broken by something like this.

Not to mention they are both kind of replacements for one another’s lost relatives. In a healthy not-twisted kinda way, I mean – they fill certain “empty places” for one another. Erika lost her outgoing, energetic older sister and become a sad, revenge-driven person, but cheerful and random Daisy brought back the fun and joy to her life, preventing her from committing irredeemable mistakes. Similarly, Daisy lost her parents at young age and was pretty much forced to play their role to Gary. She felt she had to seize responsibility, stay strong, be the guardian and we saw she pretty much gave up on being girly in any way simply because she had to command respect of the boys. And then Erika came in and showed her that femininity does not equal weakness. They also dressed up, did makeovers, had girl-talks… All that stuff that Daisy never got to do enough with her mom and that nobody around she could share with. Yes, they seem like total opposites and in many respects they are – but they complete each other because of that.

There is a reason why Daisy is just the happiest, most non-frustrated, self-satisfied and chill person ever despite the life-shaking tragedy in her youth and all the self-sacrifice it forced onto her… And that reason is Erika.
There is a reason why Erika is the powerful and respected Gym Leader, as well as the calm and collected leader of Heather despite the loss she suffered and the vicious circle of revenge she fell into as a result… And that reason is Daisy.

And on that happy note we end the year 2016! Thank you for reading, commenting, scoring and sharing. Stay tuned for more jokes, plot-twists, battles and character development and death in 2017! Maybe we’re gonna find out what Sabrina is scheming there and find out more about Silver’s role in Erika’s plans… among others. See you soon!

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