When Magic Queen Jujube steals all the Christmas trees, lights, toys and decorations, there is only one man who can stop her from ruining the holiday. But Jujube’s supernatural abilities make her unlike any enemy SherlOak Holmes has ever faced before. It’s Mind vs Magic in the ultimate duel for the sake of Christmas!

Me: Hey brain, I need a whatever little Christmas special thingie. It’s tradition, y’know, gotta doodle something quick. Got anything?
My Brain: Here, have the Best Thing Ever.

I have my hands full with YN, but somebody needs to do a spin-off comic. You guys better have it ready by next Christmas.

The twist ending is Jujube actually stole the merchandise and decorations in order to remind people that Christmas is not about all that stuff. After SherlOak Holmes tracks her down, he actually joins her and a compromise is reached. The stolen goods are returned, but everybody properly celebrates the Lord becoming one of us to deliver salvation. Or just the “Be Nice Time” if you’re not into God – anything but the consumerism and Coca-Cola Santas.

According to most of the viewers, there is also a clearly implied romantic relationship in the film, but I am threatened contractually obligated to deny all such claims.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, everybody! God bless all of you and I’ll see you again, as per tradition, with the 2016’s final update on December 31st.

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