The death counter moved and has been at 2 ever since, even though Brock survived… Some of you were confused about that, but here’s the explanation to the mystery. The one who died in the explosion was Sakura the Oddish.

Here’s a chance to reference my playthrough (yeah, I also keep forgetting this comic is based on an actual run) for once. See, Sakura the Oddish was a capture I took out of the box after another team member died. However, she suffered a horrible crit-hit almost the moment I started to train her and died. It wouldn’t have made much sense for me to include her into Doug’s team, but on the other hand, she was still a teammate, if briefly, and she was still a Nuzlocke loss.

So I decided to give her an important role in the story without actually making a lot of appearances. In Yonkoma Nuzlocke Sakura sacrificed herself to rescue Brock’s life. Willingly jumping into an explosion… Doesn’t get much more heroic than that.

Yeah, I can’t keep female mons alive, can I.

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