Pikipek is awesome-looking and a woodpecker has been a long time coming. Its Skill Link Ability is pretty interesting and it might be just me, but there’s some Steel type potential there, I think. Anyone else sees that?

Iwanko is pretty adorable, a Rock-type Growlithe. A fluffy Pokémon of this type is something we’ve never seen before, so I hope it keeps some of that even after evolving.

Nekkoala is probably the one that gets me the least excited, as much more could have been done with our long-overdue koala Pokémon… But maybe much more will be done when it evolves. It already has a nifty new Ability and a log-with-a-face friend, that’s a good start.

Grubbin might evolve into a Bug/Electric or Bug/Ground, which are both under-represented and way more exciting that another Bug/Flying.

Yungoos is freakin’ awesome. Despite being the early rodent, which usually aren’t given much to work with, this long little bastard already has Strong Jaw (let’s hope it boosts Hyper Fang in Gen VII) and Stakeout, the Ability that is mostly likely gonna affect the competitive scene a lot. Also, it’s adorable, probably my favorite “Rattata” since Rattata.

Battle Royal sounds awesome, especially since facing three opponents at once kinda helps bulky tanks rather than fragile sweepers. I like that. The most unlikely mons just might come to find a new home in the new arena.

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