Ha! You expected an April Fools joke, admit it! But there is none! You fell for it! April Fools!

Here’s something I haven’t done in a while. Gijinka! Featuring the all-male cast of:
> Quovix the Electrode
> Oliver the Fearow
> PG the Primal Pidgeotto
> Zaiji the Graveler
and long overdue
> Vang the Raticate.

Which one do you like the most?

– Ten YN points to anybody who can guess/read what the kanji on Vang’s hairband say.
– Another ten YN points to anybody who can figure out the significance behind Zaiji’s colored buttons.
FUTURE-EDIT: Time’s up: from top to bottom the colored buttons represent the hair of Bill, Bianca and Doug – the three people who owned/held onto Zaiji. And the two kanji symbols visible on Vang’s hairband are 戦 (“sen” from “Senshi”) and 歯 (“ba” from “Kuroba”) meaning “war, battle” and “tooth” respectively.

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