He’s a guy, ladies and gentlemen. With this, your pronoun uncertainties have been laid to rest.

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FUTURE-EDIT: This strip was once called a “transphobic piece of garbage”. I’m only bringing it up because it’s a comedy comic and I do find that incident absolutely hilarious. I do happen to believe things that many would find appalling, including that sex and gender are one and the same – and yet, the moment I actually insert a little bit of “sex doesn’t equal gender” thing into my fictional world (by giving genders to sexless Pokémon) is when I get called a transphobe. Truly goes to show some people don’t listen to what is said and/or don’t know what they themselves believe, instead just reacting to buzzwords, context be damned. I don’t mind people disagreeing with my beliefs, I don’t mind people finding my beliefs harmful and dangerous even – but assuming I’m holding said beliefs because I want to harm or belittle others or calling me names without attempting to talk is childish to say the least.