Suddenly, worldbuilding exposition! Well, not really, but here’s how I imagine levels work in the Pokémon world. I know, very detailed, scientific explanation, but if you think hard enough, you’ll get it.

Anyway, here’s an idea I’ve wanted to do for a long while. EEO ― Evolutionary Energy Overload. Vang is about to evolve, but after the whole night of intense training, his body is just too dead-tired and unable to undergo such big change. But it’s still being forced to try, because, well, natural reaction to hitting level 20. So without Everstone, we’d have a fatal circle, possibly ending in death. The way I see it, that kinda stuff happens very rarely and only to Pokémon with really cruel, uncaring trainers who force them to train way too much at once. Vang is probably the only Pokémon in the whole world to do that to himself.

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