So… Yeah, I received no entries for the Anniversary Contest. Can’t say I didn’t expect such an outcome though. Did it on a massive whim. But yeah, I hoped to see my characters drawn by others, kind of a shame.

You could also have won a shiny Aerodactyl, by the way. The Pumbloom was a horde’s leader (has a Hidden Ability) and the Toxicroak comes from a Friend Safari (Hidden Ability also). If you have X or Y, you missed out big time.

ANYWAY – 150+ fans! Thanks a bunch and don’t go anywhere; things are going to keep getting more interesting from now on.

Ah yes, in case you don’t know ― Extravaganza is an annual contest on the Nuzlocke Forums where people nominate their favourite runs in many different categories. Later, the voting commences and the extremely prestigious awards are given… One of the most important events of the year 🙂 I’m very proud to see my children nominated, even if only by like two people and even if I have no chance against other, more deserving runs.

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