It’s only the first strip in my life and I already learned a lot. How to use my tablet for example, never had one before (lame excuse for the crappy drawings, see?). Or the fact that coloring (no excuse for sucking at this though) takes time and I should leave it for the most important strips only. And finally – BUBBLES! BIGGER! Yeah, that sounds about right.

Now, a few words. I plan to update this comic as frequently as possible, since the updates are tiny anyway. I’ll be focusing on four-panel jokes, so the story won’t progress very fast, but I have it all planned, the run is finished and noted down. Easily my best Nuzlocke run ever and I’ve done quite a few already. Expect all the epicness, hilariousness and heart-wrenchingness we all love Nuzlocke comics for.

Spoiler alert: I chose Squirtle. As seen on the cover.

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